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Massachusetts Guardianship
A Guardianship is a legal procedure were the petitioner requests a guardianship over the person, the estate, or over the person and the estate. In Boston and anywhere else in Massachusetts, the court will appoint a guardian once a determination is made that a person is incompetent in certain areas and is in need of a guardian. The court may appoint a grandparent, aunt, uncle, other family member, friend, or a court designated person to protect persons who are unable to care for themselves because of physical or mental disability. A guardian once appointed by the court, has the authority to consent on behalf of a person with a physical or mental disability.

In the more challenging guardianship cases where antipsychotic medications or extraordinary medical treatment are requested, the court applies a substituted judgment standard prior to the administration of antipsychotic medication or extraordinary medical treatment. This is known as a Rogers case or extraordinary medical treatment case. You will need an attorney such as myself that is trained in this area to assist you with the legal process in obtaining the Rogers Order or extraordinary medical treatment order.

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